Green Bud Counselling

"Change comes from within, said the caterpillar to the butterfly."

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I work with individuals and couples, face-to-face and via Zoom. I believe that change comes from within and I will help you to work through and process the issues facing you.

If you are feeling
  • confused
  • angry
  • worried
  • anxious
  • scared
  • lonely
  • depressed
  • relationship issues


Talking through what is troubling you, can bring a sense of relief. Counselling has the potential to bring about significant change to your life which can lead to positive impacts on your self-confidence and relationships. This is by providing the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of how you relate to others and why you behave and feel how you do in certain situations.


Together we look at what’s going on in your relationship, by providing a space for both your voices and needs to be aired and heard: - Communication - Resolving conflict - Intimacy - After an affair - Life stages - Managing separation and divorce